Parent & Student Handbook

Welcome, families!

Please view the 2019-2020 Parent & Student Handbook here.

Parents at Good Shepherd School are expected to familiarize themselves with all the policies, procedures, and other important information contained in this handbook.  Students should be made aware of all policies and procedures that directly affect their conduct at school, according to their age and ability to comprehend and take personal responsibility.

NOTE: The policies and procedures in this handbook are subject to change at any time and shall become effective immediately. Parents and students shall be duly notified in a timely manner regarding all applicable changes. Any circumstance not explicitly described in this handbook shall be addressed at the sole discretion of the Good Shepherd School administrative staff and Board of Directors.


Handbook Highlights

  • Information for Parents: A Weekly News email is sent to parents every Friday. Theses emails are the primary means of communicating all important information to parents, and parents are responsible for being aware of the information they contain.  Each week we will include reminders about upcoming calendar events, post opportunities for family service, and highlight select school policies and procedures as needed.  As an added courtesy, calendar reminders and important notices will be sent via a text alert system.  These text alerts are NOT a replacement for reading the emails.
  • Arrival & Departure: The drop off window is from 8:15-8:25am.  The pick up window is from 3:00-3:10pm.  Children may only exit or enter vehicles parked in one of the 3 spots along the concrete semi-circle, unless a parent chooses to park on the front side of the building and escort their child(ren) into the vestibule.
  • Late Drop-Off/Pick-Up: For arrivals after 8:25am, parents must park, escort their child inside, and sign in.  For late pick ups, the parent must first attempt to find another school parent to wait with their child, then contact Doreen Wilfong to alert her.  Upon arrival, the late parent must park and enter the building to sign the late pick up sheet and retrieve his/her child(ren).
  • Absences: A notification of your child’s absence must be sent to  Teachers may additionally request direct notification via text, email, or phone message.
  • Communication: Questions directly related to your child’s classroom should be addressed directly to your child’s lead teacher.
  • Dress Code & Appearance: Students who arrive to school neat and tidy, in proper school attire, are more confident and ready to learn throughout the school day.  As a general practice, teachers at the elementary and middle school levels will work directly with students to help them take responsibility for their appearance. Older students will be encouraged to alert their parents if they need assistance procuring dress-code approved items. Families also have access to gently used school attire through the GSS Uniform Closet. Please review the dress code here.
  • Family Service: The family quota for the 2019-20 school year is 15 hours. Primary families are expected to take care of 4 Primary Set Ups per year, and all other families are expected to sign up for at least 1 Essential Task, and 1 Enrichment Task. Please sign up here!