Sign Up for Family Service


Please choose a minimum of 2 family service tasks, 1 from the “Essential Tasks” list, and 1 from the “Enrichment Tasks” list (if you are able to sign up for a more, please do so). Tasks have a limited number of spaces for families to sign up and are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. Your help makes Good Shepherd School possible!


Essential Tasks: pick 1 (or more!)

Primary Set-Up

Primary Set Up Coordinator

Post-Columbus Day Primary Set-Up

Thanksgiving Primary Pack-Away

Summer Primary Pack-Away

Parent Social Coordinator

Parent Social Host

Fall Picnic Coordinator

End of Year Picnic Coordinator

Afternoon Pick Up Assistant

Substitute Lunch Monitor


Enrichment Tasks: pick 1 (or more!)

Fall Picnic Team

End of Year Picnic Team

Assist with a Club

GSS-Sponsored Events Team

Fundraising/Marketing Team

Father Daughter Dance Team


Let us know your additional volunteer ideas

  • Please share with us your ideas, skills, talents, and interests. We are always looking for ways to enrich the academic experience of our GSS student body!