Upper Elementary (grades 4-6)

Our Upper Elementary class expands upon the great conversation of Western civilization. The classical history cycle continues to guide a more detailed exploration of the liberal arts, through an integrated study of literature, the Greek and Latin roots of language, fine art and music, science, practical handiwork and physical skills, all presented in the light of Faith and with an eye to Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. As always, the Good Shepherd is the heart of our studies, with Catholic catechesis as an inherent element in the classroom and with time set aside each week for a morning of atrium.

Upper Elementary students might be found learning about ancient Greece, organizing and illustrating events on historical timelines, designing an architecturally and mathematically accurate temple, reading Aesop’s fables, writing short stories in the style of Aesop, training for their field day olympics by running the mile, learning the Greek roots of the English language, presenting on different figures of mythology, exploring harmonics through music, and examining the concept of solar energy by building sundials and surprisingly functional solar ovens. In atrium, students might map St. Paul’s travels throughout the Mediterranean and compared them to the locations of Greek cities and battles, and St. Paul’s Aeropagus sermon from Acts might be read as though the students were his Athenian congregation.

Sample Upper Elementary Schedule

Excluding Thursdays

Drop off
Math and History
Language Arts and Literature
Lunch and Recess
Science, Art, Handiwork, Music
Study Hall


Drop off at Atrium
Song Practice
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
Lunch and Nature Study
Transport back to St. Peter’s
Nature Journaling, Science, Math