Lower Elementary (grades 2-3)

Our Lower Elementary class begins to expose the young student to the richness of Western culture and civilization. The classical history cycle provides a framework for an integrated study of literature, the Latin roots of language, fine art and music, nature study and science, practical handiwork and physical skills, all presented in the light of Faith and with an eye to Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. As always, the Good Shepherd is the heart of our studies, with Catholic catechesis as an inherent element in the classroom and with time set aside each week for a morning of atrium.

On a given week, you might find our Lower Elementary students studying about life in the early 1800s, reading Ox Cart Man by Donald Hall, using mathematics to keep a ledger, making clay marbles that children their age would have used for play, trying their hand at spinning wool, embroidery, and woodcarving, tending subsistence crops in our garden plot, studying the art of Edward Hicks, learning early American hymns and folk songs, and collecting botanical specimens to identify, illustrate, and label.

Sample Lower Elementary Schedule


Drop off
Morning Gathering
Math and Vocabulary
Phonics/Reading/Language Arts, History, Handwriting
Lunch Break
Handiwork with Read Alouds
Art and Music Study, Personal Development
Independent work and projects
Clean-up for next day


Drop off at Atrium
Song Practice
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
Lunch and Nature Study
Transport back to St. Peter’s
Nature Journaling, Science, Math