First Grade (ages 6-7)

Our First Grade class is an environment carefully designed to meet the needs of children matriculating from our Montessori program and children coming from a home-based or typical Kindergarten environment. The first grade class is small and cozy, sensitive to the needs of each child, and a place where students work to refine the academic and social skills they have absorbed at the preschool level. Students at this age are making a tremendous leap into abstract thinking and deepening social awareness. They grow and thrive on an orderly exploration of mathematical operations, the building blocks of phonics and parts of speech, vocabulary, story-telling and reading, practical handiwork, the skills of scientific observation and questioning, justice, right and wrong, and of virtue and the sacraments.

Our approach in the first grade classroom is structured and flexible, fostering independent work to the extent that a child is capable, and group lessons as students learn to better work together. By the end of the first grade year, students are ready to take charge of their education in the Lower Elementary classical classroom.

Sample First Grade Schedule


Drop off
Morning Gathering
Math and Vocabulary
Phonics/Reading/Language Arts, History, Handwriting
Lunch Break
Handiwork with Read Alouds
Art and Music Study, Personal Development
Independent work and projects
Clean-up for next day



Drop off at Atrium
Song Practice
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
Lunch and Nature Study
Transport back to St. Peter’s
Nature Journaling, Science, Math